• 20 kg (2 boxes) of Egg Tomatoes
  • 6 tbs of Sugar
  • 6 tbs of Salt
  • 3 tbs of Pepper
  • Fresh basil leaves (approximate 3 per bottle)
  • Approximately 30 x 300ml jam jars


  1. Wash the tomatoes to remove any dirt or grit. Cut off any bad spots if found.
  2. Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for a minute or so. The skins should be starting to come away from the flesh at this point.
  3. Remove from pot and place into the tub. Add cold water to cool down the blanched tomatoes enough to handle.
  4. Peel the skin off the tomatoes.
  5. Crush the tomatoes with your hand to remove excess water.
  6. Place into a colander and allow to drain.
  7. Blend the peeled/ crushed tomatoes into a thick puree and place into a large pot.
  8. Bring the pot to boil. Add sugar, salt, pepper and basil and stir well.
  9. Reduce heat to a vigorous simmer for 3 hours, stirring regularly.
  10. Pour the passata into clean and sterilised jars. Leave an approximately 1cm gap between the passata and fasten the lid on. Lids should pop as they start to seal.
  11. Store jars in a cool & dry place. Passata will keep for up to three years but can also be used immediately.

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