Q Station (30 December 2017)

The Manly Q Station (Quarantine Station) is one steeped in history. We took a guided tour of the station which was a fascinating way to learn about the functions of the station, and its various uses during its time of operation which ranged from quarantine to housing those displaced persons who were impacted by Cyclone Tracey.

One of the many heritage listed buildings on-site. 

The tour took you on the same journey those would have taken on back in the day; getting off the ship, luggage through the autoclaves, showering before being taken to the onsite accommodation. The station was fascinating and the tour included a visit to the hospital, autopsy room (very morbid), on-site accommodation for patrons and the station staff as well as the kitchens.

Two of the Autoclaves used to sanitize luggage.

More photos can be seen in my gallery here

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