Shaws Creek (21 January 2018)

It was a typical, boiling hot summers day, and we decided to check out a local waterhole in the Lower Blue Mountains. The track down to this spot was moderate consisting of fire trail, rock scrambles and a fairly steep descent to the creek. We weren’t sure what to expect, or even sure if there would be water in the creek given how dry it had been over the past couple of weeks.

Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised; this place was an absolute gem! The watering hole was surrounded by the steep, sandstone escarpment and beautiful tall gum trees. The creek cascades over rocks before finally hitting the widest pool of the creek. This secluded spot was incredibly inviting and was the perfect place for a refreshing swim. The water was cool, and it was easy to feel dwarfed.

The place was teeming with a variety of wildlife including lizards, a variety of water insects, and huge water spiders.

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