Macquarie Lighthouse

The Macquarie Lighthouse, also known as South Head Upper Light, was the first, and is the longest serving, lighthouse site in Australia.

Smokey Cape

Built in 1891, the Smoky Cape Lighthouse was one of the last lighthouses to be designed for architectural excellence. It has an intensity of 1,000,000 cd.

Tacking Point

Built in 1879 of cement-rendered bricks and because of the elevation only needed to be 8 metres high. It has an intensity of 12,800 cd.

Richmond River

Built in 1879 and first lit in 1880. It is also known as Ballina Head Light and has an intensity of 28,000 cd.

Cape Byron Light

Built in 1901, Cape Byron Light is Australia’s most powerful lighthouse, with a light intensity of 2,200,000 cd.