Clarence River

Built in 1955, the apparatus from the old lighthouse was transferred. It is also known as Yamba Light and has a light intensity of 22,000 cd.

Crowdy Head

Built in 1878 of stone and painted white, it was the last of the lighthouses designed by James Barnet. It originally had light less than 1,000 candelas.

Nelson Head

This lighthouse is unique, as it is attached to the cottage in 1878, it consisted of four kerosene lamps.

Old Flamborough Lighthouse

The first lighthouse, built by Sir John Clayton, was completed in 1674 and is one of the oldest surviving complete lighthouses in England. Built from chalk, it was never lit.

Sugerloaf Point

Sugarloaf Point lighthouse was built in 1875 of brick, rendered and painted white. It was originally intended to be built on Seal Rocks, but this did not eventuate due to …