Paddy Pallin 6 Hour Rogaine (15 June 2014)

It was Sarah, Joe and my first Rogaine and we had an awesome time. Despite the miserable weather in the beginning it ended up being an awesome day and happy with the score we got for our first time.

wpid-20140615_130502.jpg wpid-20140615_133816.jpg wpid-20140615_130421.jpg wpid-20140615_133805.jpg

Cockatoo Island (8 June 2014)

Not exactly a bushwalk but Sarah and I had a good half day exploring Cockatoo Island while the Biennale of Sydney was on. It is full of history and a fantastic photography location. DSC_4124

Pryors Hut (31 May 2014)

A nice shortish walk out to Pryors Hut from the carpark whilst down in Canberra to meet a friend.

It is a lovely old hut and definitely worth the walk out.


At the beginning of the walk there is a trip intention book to sign; a brilliant idea which should be implemented in NSW.


Next time we will walk from Corin Dam up to Mount Gingera via Stockyard Sour and back. It would be a great hike definitely in the snow.